In an earlier blog post, we talked about the falling costs of solar power. As this report confirms. These costs have globally fallen by 10–20% each year. While we may have made the biggest cost jumps, there is good reason to continue to expect cost decreases.

This is good news for businesses interested in solar solutions who previously concluded they were too expensive. You may have concluded that it was not economically feasible to put a solar installation on your roof because your roof was not positioned in the right way or because your power usage was not perfectly matching the supply of solar power. With rising ESKOM prices and falling solar costs, that trade-off will have changed.

What did not make sense only two years ago may be profitable today. Especially when taking into account innovative pay-per-use business models like that of SoSimple Energy. We even take away the investment burden and operational hassle of solar. If solar technology makes sense economically for your roof and power usage, we will offer you a good kWh-price.

Too many attractive roofs still go without solar panels. A waste of money.