Who we are

We are three entrepreneurs with a long track record in energy, sustainability and marketing, sharing a love for Southern Africa and a passion for making the world a better place.

We started with a simple goal – to save customers money by selling cheap, clean energy, improving the world we live in one roof at a time.

Energy in South Africa is expensive and dirty, and cleaner alternatives are typically expensive and complicated. We are on a mission to make it easy and cheap for South African businesses to buy clean electricity, building a company that values long-term customer relationships and service that is fair, honest, transparent and reliable.

Our founders


Lizet studied systems engineering, specialising in renewable energy. After a decade of supporting businesses in cost savings and strategy, she founded her first company. Lizet is passionate about entrepreneurs, South Africa and sustainability. She became the Managing Director of Sosimple to follow those passions.


Jeroen started his career in corporate finance and brings over two decades of banking and hands-on private equity investment experience in supporting small and medium sized business on their path to growth and profitability. His passion for sustainability and renewable energy and a frustration with the slow speed of change, lead him to founding Sosimple.


Marty spent two decades advising large businesses across Africa, Europe and beyond, on growth, cost improvement, marketing and strategy. He was a launching partner of the sustainability practice of a global consulting firm, before he followed his passion for sustainability and South Africa and came up with the idea for Sosimple.