How can your business cut electricity costs with 10%, 20% or more?

The answer is Sosimple. No investment, no hassle – just cheap clean energy straight from your roof.


If you have a business, own a property or are a body corporate, get started with us!

Start saving now

How does it work?

We supply you with cheap and clean electricity direct from our solar panels on your roof.

No investment, no maintenance, no service costs

We charge a low price for electricity based on your actual usage, guaranteed. Our contract is a simple transparent ten-year agreement.

No hidden traps, no back-breaking penalties

Your current utility will still supply electricity at night or during high demand. Sosimple will help protect your business against energy price hikes.

Each month you’ll get a bill for the power you used and see how much money you saved. Your savings start from Day 1 and will grow with every opportunity we find to save you more.

At the end of the contract, we will pack up and go.
It’s Sosimple.

Who do we work with?

We partner with trusted leaders in solar energy to deliver hassle-free, high quality and reliable service.


We work with a dedicated engineering, design and installation partner, with a Level 2 B-BBEEE rating. They have been working with Sosimple since 2018 and work on our rooftop, ground mount as well as carport installations. Their elaborate portfolio of Solar PV projects ranges from rooftop PV to large (20+ MWp) solar farms.


We’re working with various South African hardware distributors on our projects, delivering high quality, reliable installations using the best Tier-1 hardware. We install JA and Canadian Solar panels, Sungrow inverters and SolarMD battery equipment.


Sosimple works with a dedicated metering partner who provides real-time smart meter and billing services to all our customers across the country. Our meters and monitoring dashboards are the most advanced in South Africa.

Why choose us?

We reduce your dependence on your traditional power supplier with cheaper, cleaner electricity at guaranteed prices and with better service. At the same time, we can protect your business from ongoing and unpredictable price hikes.

We own our installations while you pay only for the energy you use. Other solar companies try to sell you solar installations, offering to reduce your investment with rental, leasing or pay-per-use schemes.

Our 10-year contracts have no upfront fees, hidden costs or harsh penalty clauses, and compared to other solar companies, we have better starting prices and smaller price increases over time.

We aim to build real relationships with our customers, providing great service and saving you money year-on-year.

Cheap, clean energy. It’s Sosimple.