More and more businesses and consumers jump on a trend called Everything as a Service. In industries like aerospace, automotive and IT, many no longer buy the products, but pay for the use of products like airplane engines, cars, and data warehouses. And it makes sense. Why own a product if you can enjoy the benefits thereof in a simpler way, as a service?

Everything as a Service (or XAAS) solves many problems for customers. First of all, it saves capital as no investments are required. Secondly it unburdens and saves time and hassle. There’s no longer a need to investigate which asset is the best to buy, nor to assess its long-term performance and durability, or think about poor product performance, faults, repairs, maintenance, etcetera. All those become a worry of the past and are put in the hands of experts that have created the product or sold many of them. It makes them focus on delivering an optimal combination of products and services to give their customers the benefits they seek. These providers benefit because it becomes easier to learn from user experiences and improve the products. Basically, in a XAAS model, all customers have to do is decide if the services provided are worth the service fee.

Interestingly enough, electricity is moving in the other direction. We are all used to paying only for the energy we use. Nobody wants to own the coal power plant or transmission network or be bothered by the complexities of load management and coal supply. Strangely, in the shift to renewable energy such as solar, many providers of solar solutions now ask us to leave that logic behind. They want us to put up the capital, take all the performance risks, take care of service and maintenance and involve ourselves in the technical details of such installations. To mitigate these issues some have come up with ‘lease’ or ‘rent’ solutions. But basically these offer nothing more than an expensive financing solution which still results in customers becoming product owners and taking all the product risks.

Sosimple Energy does not believe that makes sense. We believe our customers want the benefits of cheap clean energy but without the investments and hassle that many other solar companies put on their shoulders. That’s why we sell Electricity as a Service. Buying electricity like you were used to: pay what you use, with no fixed payments. You simply benefit from lower prices and cleaner energy while we work to increase your savings as we get to know you better.