Why buy a system when all you need is the energy it produces?

It’s no longer breaking news that South Africa is facing an energy crisis. But the fact remains that the erratic supply of power from the grid is negatively impacting business.

South Africa enjoys an average of 2,500 hours of sunshine a year, making solar power the ideal alternative energy source. But, while the cost of solar solutions is more affordable than ever before, the set-up and maintenance of such a system still require a substantial investment. There are, however, several ways for your business to finance power security by switching to solar.

Buy a System

The most obvious method for setting yourself up with a solar system is buying one outright.

Business power needs ― especially in the commercial and manufacturing sector ― typically range from 40kW up to 2MW, and sometimes even more. The result is a multi-million-rand upfront investment to cover the size of the system that can generate this capacity.


You own the complete system, giving you the flexibility to move and scale it as required.


Buying a system of this size diverts resources from your core business, potentially affecting areas that traditionally yield higher returns.

Rent (to Own) a System

A rent-to-own solar system is a contractual agreement between your business and either a solar provider or financial institution. In this setup, you rent a solar power system for a predetermined period. You pay a monthly rental amount for the use of the system, and a portion of these payments is allocated towards the purchase price of the system.

As the name suggests, these many rent-to-own contracts come with an option to purchase the system at the end of the term. With a Sosimple system, ownership automatically transfers at the end of the term.

Interested in a Rent-to-Own system from Sosimple? Let’s chat!


There is no upfront cost, plus you’ll own your system at the end of the payment term.


You do not have full control over the system size and hardware selection as the financier will be involved in this.

Purchase Energy from Sosimple

The most convenient and cost-effective method is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from Sosimple. We supply you with renewable electricity at a set price ― a price that’s below the cost per kWh from the grid, which leads to significant savings. Sosimple installs solar panels on your business’s property, and you pay only for the energy you’ve used.

Partnering with us enables your business, particularly high daytime power consumers like retailers and industrial facilities, to save 20% or more on daytime electricity costs, ensuring cost-effectiveness through usage diagnosis, focused power supply, and smart metering.


Sosimple provides a turnkey solution.

Sosimple monitors, maintains, and insures the system.

You enjoy a lower per kWh cost and get energy security for your business.


Ownership only comes at the end of the term.

You do not have full control over the system size and hardware selection as the financier will be involved in this.

Are you ready to make your electricity supply Sosimple? Reach out to our team of experts to discover what solution would be best suited for your business needs.